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Equity in Bicycling?

JUST Bikes Small Grants Initiative

JUST Bikes Small Grants Initiative

The JUST Bikes Coalition invites individuals and organizations that would like to contribute to local, neighborhood-based efforts to support equity in active transportation, with a special focus on safe and comfortable access to bicycling.

JUST Bikes Coalition envisions a community where all people feel safe and empowered using a bicycle regardless of their racial or socioeconomic status. Our mission is to co-conspire and collaborate with communities of color by addressing equity issues through the use of bikes.
Luna Repair Stand photo by Joe Maldonado (Photo by Joe Maldonado)

The Goals

The Small Grants initiative is intended to have a positive impact on communities of color in Dane County that are eager to join the cycling community and enjoy its multiple opportunities, such as fitness, transportation and recreation, among others. Specifically:

  • To act as a technical support hub and put all the coalition’s resources available for community efforts
  • To offer free administrative support to community members or organizations that would like to participate but don’t meet all requirements to apply for grants by themselves


A single grant cycle has been funded for the spring of 2021, with a total of $5,750 available. Of that, $3500 has been awarded.

  • Applications may be made until the available funds for this cycle are exhausted. Applications will be reviewed at the JUST Bikes meeting following receipt.
  • Results will be available the week following the JUST Bikes meeting.
  • Implementation runs from May to November of the same year.
  • A report is due December 31st of the same year.
  • If funding becomes available, there will be another cycle of grants.
Unity ride photo by Mark Renner (Photo by Mark Renner)


In order to be eligible for these funds, projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Projects must be led by and benefit People of Color and/or people from Tribes/Native Nations.
  • The project goal must align with "supporting biking at a local/neighborhood level".
  • Submit a single paragraph describing your project: dream big, but start small. Tell us how this project will impact your community in the long term.
  • Include a rough budget to explain your use of the requested funds.
  • Funds can be used for organizing events, purchasing goods, and paying stipends.
  • Prioritize positive impact on communities of color: empower and include the community members. Their input and work must be compensated as part of the plan.
  • Aim for sustainability: will you be able to sustain these efforts in the following years? Tell us about it.
  • Project proposals must comply with current public health requirements.
  • Successful applicants will be asked for a report at the end of the year. The purpose is to understand the impact the project made and what things could go better next time. There will be no micromanagement during the year.
  • Each applicant can only be granted funds once per funding cycle.
  • Applications for the remaining grants this spring cycle may request up to $1,000.
Contact Point To apply, and for any questions that may arise during the process, please contact Pepe Barros, (414) 242-7064 pepe@downwithbikes.org

For additional information, please see the program descriptions in
English, Spanish, or Hmoob.

The one-page application form is available here in
English, Spanish, or Hmoob.

Or apply online using these forms:
English, Spanish, or Hmoob

It is also available in paper form from Pepe for those without Internet access.

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